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Home Renovations

For homeowners who want to stay in their lovely neighbourhood or great location but aren’t satisfied with their home, a home renovation is your answer. A major home renovation involves multiple projects being undertaken simultaneously. Your home should make you feel comfortable and happy to be in, with our home renovations team you will be completely satisfied with your new dream home. We will take on any project, whether small or large, we promise you can trust your home renovations to us. Entire home renovations is one of our personal favourites because from A to Z, the entire feel and atmosphere of your home is changed with every detail custom-designed to meet your needs. A major home renovation will usually involve removing walls and possibly even floors to create a vaulted ceiling in the room below.

We offer many home renovations services including:

If your home is already exactly the way you like it and you are just looking for more space, then a home addition is the way to go. An addition can go either up or sideways. If you currently live in a bungalow and live in an area of the city permitting 2 storey dwellings, than the roof can be raised and a second storey added. If it is not permitted or you are currently live in a 2 storey home, than the addition would be on the side, distance to neighbouring lot lines permitting. You can trust us to advise you on the best home renovation or home addition for your specific lot.

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