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Basement Renovations

At Space Pro, we do not do basements renovations. We do lower level conversions. As a learned home renovations company, we believe that your lower level should be at least as inviting and desirable a living space as the rest of your home. When converting your lower level, every effort is made to minimize the size and number of boxes around pipes and ducts and to maximize the character and flow of the remaining boxes through the right combination of imagination and functionality. Basement renovations are a great way to use up all that extra space and make it a liveable environment for you and your family. Often basements are used for storage or may be never used, a basement renovation can help transform your basement into a home gym, a bar, a family or play space for your kids along with a properly insulated room for storage.

Space Pro Renovations stands for excellence, integrity and customer service. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best basement renovations in the Hamilton and surrounding regions. Our home renovations team is hardworking and detail oriented in every basement renovation project. We have worked with various different homes, basements and clients who require unique renovations. With our vast experience in home renovations, we believe we will be able to create the basement of your dreams. When you choose Space Pro for your basement renovations, you will not be disappointed.

Lower levels offer a great amount of freedom during the design process because of the existing lack of walls. There is lots of room for an extra bathroom, games room, bar, guest bedroom, etc. We will work with your to make sure your vision for your basement renovation project can come to life. Any project large or small, we are always up for the challenge. We will always give you our honest opinion, if we think a renovation is unable to be done we will tell you. Although that is yet to happen.

Contact us today and find out more about basement renovations or lower level conversions.