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Drywall tips

At SpacePro we never use nails to install drywall. We always use screws. While everyone refers to them as screw pops, they are actually nail pops. While a screw pop may exist, we have never seen it.

Also, we always use only paper tape. Although it is more tricky and takes slightly longer to install than mesh tape, the result is far superior. The corners are more square, and it will never crack. We have seen and fixed enough mesh tape cracks to know never to use it.

Choosing a contractor

Choosing the right contractor is probably the biggest decision of all in your project. A contractor can either make or break your project (quite literally). The right contractor will ensure that the project goes according to the design, timeline, budget, and the whole process will be done smoothly and as pain-free as possible. On the other hand, the wrong contractor may end up delaying the project because of inexperience or lack of commitment. Even worse, he may have priced the project too cheap in a bid to secure the job and end up either cutting corners or walking away unable to complete the job due to a lack of funds.

Besides references and portfolios, a good way to judge the worth of a contractor is by the projected start date. A reputable, quality contractor is always busy and usually unable to start the next day (keep this in mind as you plan your expected start date).

Why choose us?

There are a number of reasons people have chosen Space Pro.

  • Some people prefer our honesty. If it can be done, we'll tell you. If it cannot be done, we'll... well, that hasn't happened yet.
  • Some people prefer the fact that we give quotes, not estimates. When we tell you what it will costs, that is what it will cost.
  • Some people love our attention to detail every step of the way, resulting in a first-class end result.
  • Some people like the creativity and imagination we bring to every job to make it as unique as each of our clients.
  • All our clients love the fact that we are a hands on contractor service ensuring a higher level of workmanship and lower overall cost.